The Redskins are currently sitting at 4-3 and have had a decent start to their season. A minimal part of that success can be attributed to wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who has seen a massive decline in production this season. So why hasn't Kirk Cousins been able to connect with him? And will the Redskins look to throw more deep balls to him in later games?

Other Redskins Targets.

A major reason for Jackson's decline in production can be attributed to both Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed. Crowder played a limited role in the offense last season, but has scored three touchdowns this season and had more than 100 receiving yards against the Lions.

When Jordan Reed is healthy, he is the favorite target of Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, which also doesn't help Jackson't cause. Even with Reed out, Cousins looked to tight end Vernon Davis a considerable amount in week 7 and Davis ended the game with more receiving yards than Jackson. Even Pierre Garcon is taking some of Jackson's potential production away.

Redskins Run Game.

The Redskins didn't have much of a run game last season, but have clearly committed to running the ball more this season. Matt Jones is receiving double digit touches in almost every single game this season and Chris Thompson is also starting to carve out a role in the offense for himself. Those extra runs further reduce the likelihood of a completed deep pass to DeSean Jackson.

It's also hard to complete a deep pass when Cousins likes to check it down to his running backs so frequently. But that doesn't mean DeSean shouldn't be involved in the offense.

DeSean Needs toGet More Touches

The Redskins star wide receiver is one of the fastest players in the NFL and needs to be utilized more.

DeSean is averaging just 32.5 receiving yards in his last four games, the distance that DeSean should be getting on one reception. So how do the Redskins get him involved? On first down and early in the game, the Redskins should be looking to attack deep. The trend of running the ball on first down will work in Cousins' favor and DeSean should be able to get behind the defense.

Against the Bengals this week, expect Jay Gruden to get Jackson involved early to help him finally break out of the slump that seems to be plaguing him this year.

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