Falcons coming in hot

The Atlanta Falcons are on a roll, going into Week Four, they have two wins and one loss, of which was to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are facing another NFC South team, the Carolina Panthers, in Week Four. The Carolina Panthers won the NFC South by a mile last year and are looking for their fourth division win in a row in the 2016-2017 season. Their biggest competition as of now is the Atlanta Falcons. If they cannot win this game, they will be two wins behind the Falcons, and if they do win the game then they will be all tied up with the Falcons for first place in the division.

The Falcons have had a fantastic run on the offense this season, they have the top ranked offense in the NFL going into week three, with their rivals the New Orleans Saints sitting two spots below them in third and the Carolina Panthers sitting down in seventh, which isn’t at all a bad ranking. The NFC South has always been an offense-heavy division.

Carolina’s stunning defense

Despite Cam Newton leading the Panthers offense, the Carolina Panthers shine far brighter on the defensive side of the game. They have one of the best defensive squads in the entire NFL, ranked third currently, and easily have the best defense in the NFC South, despite currently having a losing record. The Falcons have yet to play a team with a defense as tough as the Carolina Panthers.

The Atlanta Falcons defense on the other hand is currently at the bottom of the pack, sitting all the way down in 30th place, one spot ahead of the Saints.

The Carolina defense is likely to crush the Falcon’s offense. Matt Ryan has historically cracked under defensive pressure, and the Panthers are quite aware of that fact.

They are going to come in strong from the line and try to sack Ryan early in the game. They will also try to force turnovers to keep the Falcons offense off the field for as much of the game as possible. The Panthers defense is strong, but the Falcons offense will work hard to prove they are stronger.

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