A great game to close out the week

The New York Giants have a tough week four match up ahead of them. They are playing the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. The Vikings are currently undefeated after three weeks of play and show no signs of slowing down. Their defense has become a dominating force in the league, managing to carry a failing offensive squad along with them. While the Giants are doing not too badly for themselves, sitting at 2-1, they've had a decently easy schedule, playing both the failing defense of the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys who couldn’t get it together last season.

The Vikings haven’t had an easy schedule though, they played both the Carolina Panthers and the Green Bay Packers in their first three weeks of the season, but they still managed to come out undefeated.

While all statistics point to the Giants as having the upper hand in this game offensively, The Giants have had an easier schedule in the first three weeks and still have a worse record. The key to a Vikings victory is going to be keeping the Eli Manning and the Giants offense off the field. The Vikings offense is weaker than the Giants by far, despite having Adrian Peterson, and they will need more time to make plays happen. Losing their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater right at the end of the preseason devastated the Vikings offense, but that freak injury hasn’t put a damper on their defensive squad, which has now become the star of the Vikings team and the key to their three victories.

Low scores all around

The Vikings and Giants have both had fairly low scoring games in their first three weeks, so this game is likely to follow suit, meaning most of the action is going to happen on the defensive side of the ball. The Vikings currently lead the NFL in sacks, so fans can expect to see Eli Manning getting hit a few times during this game.

The Vikings offense is extremely weak so the Giants defense may be able to overcome them and score off the defense, but the Giants team is also wrecked with injuries so they will not be able to play at full strength on Monday night.

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