The Patriots have opened their season with a bang by starting 4-1. The team managed to win three games without Tom Brady and looked awesome in a rout against the Cleveland Browns in week 5. Today Robert Kraft made an appearance on ESPN to talk about his team's successes and how they would fare against the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend. There was just one problem. Robert Kraft looked like he was completely hammered.

Twitter Rips Robert Kraft.

Plenty of fans were quick to point out what they saw as a drunk Robert Kraft.

The confirmation Tweets just kept coming.

One Twitter user had his wife actually ask him if Kraft was drunk on ESPN!

Just one more hilarious Tweet for good measure. It's hard not to confirm that the Patriots ownerwas a little loopy after seeing the combination of these three Tweets.

And can you really blame them? Just look at some of the things the Patriots owner had to say!

But it didn't stop there!

Kraft went on to explain his kissing routine with Tom Brady in detail on ESPN.

What on earth is Kraft doing? This seems a little bit ridiculous, even for ESPN.

Which made fans on Twitter ask the question: Why is ESPN even allowing this?

Frustrated Fans on Twitter.

NFL fans decided to voice their frustration with several Tweets about Kraft's appearance. The first immediately took a shot at what one Twitter user described as "exactly the sports journalism expect."

And fans were also bombarded by what Kraft described as the "The Patriot Way." The owner pointed at Teddy Bruschi on ESPN and suggested that he was the exact embodiment of what the Patriots can mold their stars into.

But not everyone likes hearing about the Patriots or about their successes.Others fans whoare tired of watching the Patriots win every week lamented the fact that Kraft and the Patriots seem to dominate ESPN coverage almost every single week.

But it still doesn't quite compare to the fact that Kraft was probably drunk on a Sunday morning for his ESPN appearance. It's hard not to laugh at anowner who made a fool of himselfon national television this morning.

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