Trading can be kind of tricky in fantasy football, but it is an essential part of being successful. There are a couple of tips to trading in your leagues and I'm going to share a big one now: You need to capitalize on the ups and downs on players.

What do I mean by this? Well there are some weeks where top-tier players struggle and that is when you, as a logical fantasy owner, need to try and trade for them. That is when a lot of fantasy owners begin to panic to fix their team because they are struggling and won't stick with their star players. For example, a lot of fantasy owners probably traded away DeAndre Hopkins before Week 5 after struggling for two consecutive weeks, but in the long run, he has too much upside to pass up.

This rule goes the same in the other direction. There are some players that find tremendous success in their weekly endeavors that might not have as much upside in their future match ups, so it would be wise to trade them away.

So without further ado, here is the top player to trade for and the top player to trade away.

Trade For:Doug Martin (Running Back, TB)

Doug Martin was one of the most highly anticipated running backs coming into this season. He hasn't really struggled though, but it is more because of his injury that he is a possible trade candidate. Not only that, but he has a bye week this week, so teams will continue to search for a player to fill their running back roster spot.

In his only full start this season, he ended his game with 18 rushes for 62 yards and 5 receptions for 34 yards against an Atlanta Falcons defense that ranks #26 in yards allowed per game.

His next match up will be in Week 7 against a struggling San Francisco 49ers defense, ranked #20 in total yards per game. Fantasy owners should try and trade for him before he starts producing again.

Get Rid Of Him:Christine Michael (Running Back, SEA)

Christine Michael has been solid for his owners as a replacement for Thomas Rawls, but his time is almost up as a top fantasy option.

With former New Orleans Saint C.J. Spiller now on the Seahawks roster, he loses value at his position especially in terms of the pass game. He is still the #1 back right now, but with Spiller in the mix he will lose some carries and receptions.

Rawls is expected to miss all of October, so Michael still has some time before he loses a bulk of his workload.

He has scored in his last two endeavors and continues to be a redzone target for Seattle's offense. With all this going his way right now, it would be hard to refuse him in a trade. He will go on to play the Falcons come week 6. Teams should try and trade him away before he starts to lose value.

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