Tom Brady took his frustration with the NFL out on the Cleveland Browns in a 33-13 New England Patriots rout of the Browns. Brady took the field on Sunday afternoon for his first game of the 2016 NFL season after serving his four game suspension from the NFL for his involvement in a scheme to deflate footballs. Brady maintains his innocence from the deflategate scandal as he fought the NFL for months only to eventually lose and serve a 4 game suspension. Brady’s dispute with the NFL may have impacted his reputation and legacy, but certainly hasn’t slowed his level of excellence on the gridiron.

Tom Brady's performance against the Cleveland Browns defense

Brady shredded the Cleveland Browns defense by completing 28 of 40 passes, throwing for 406 yards, and 3 touchdown passes in his first game back from exile. Brady’s presence on the field showed how wellthe Patriot’s offense plays when Brady is at the helm. Despitethis, the Patriots found a way to win 3 of their first 4 games through a backup in Jimmy Garoppolo and a third string rookie in Jacoby Brissett. Most of the credit for the Patriots early success this season with backup quarterbacks can be credited to the genius of coach Bill Belichick. Many in football began to wonder on whether Brady was just a product to Belichick’s genius, but on Sunday afternoon Brady not only put those remarks to rest but also made a great case that he’s still the best quarterback in the league at 39 years of age.

Brady was able to make the Browns defense pay with his precise passes for three touchdowns which all went to Martellus Bennett. He was a;ps able to exploitcoverage mismatches with Rob Gronkowski. Despite another great performance on the field on Sunday afternoon, Brady feels he’s just starting to get to the rust off.

"I think there was plenty of rust out there. I can do better in a lot of areas," Brady said. "I think it was a good win today, but it was one game.”

Tom Brady's next few opponents for revenge tour

The Patriots schedule will get tougher as the weeks progress deeper into the season with home games against Cincinnati and Seattle and road games against Pittsburgh and Buffalo as Brady’s revenge tour against the NFL continues.

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