The Edmonton Oilers defeated the Calgary Flameson Friday night and will prepare for their next game on Sunday. Head coach Todd McLellan has to be pleased with the fact that Edmonton earned two points on the road, especially against a divisional rival in Calgary. However, like most good coaches, McLellan was still focused on improving after the game.

McLellan sees aggressiveness as the key

McLellan was interviewed after the game and the footage was published with OilersTV. The head coach claimed that he wanted to see Edmonton be aggressive, even at the risk of making an error.

"We had to take things up a little bit and encourage guys to get a little more engaged," the head coach claimed, "and most importantly to get aggressive.

We can stand around and just protect the slot and just watch them create a shooting gallery or we can go after them and if we make mistakes that's fine but let's be aggressive doing it."

Edmonton scored five goals on Friday, but only after an ineffective first period. That first period saw Calgary take the initiative and a 2-1 lead into the intermission. From that point on the Oilers outscored the Flames 4-2 so McLellan's comments likely refer to a change of attitude after the first frame.

Mark Letestu, who scored his first goal of the season, had the game winner in Calgary. He seemed to think that the Oilers were a different team after the first period as well."We just weren't fast to start, we weren't hard on pucks...(The Calgary Flames) outworked us for the first 20 and we knew it," Letestu claimed.

Leon Draisaitl echoed Letestu's remarks, claiming that the Oilers would not be able to "start games like that" and count on "resiliency" to carry them through. Draisaitl was the leading goal scorer in the game with two goals.

What grade should Edmonton get?

The Oilers won on the road and this was Calgary's home opener.

The fans were into the game and perhaps that's a good explanation as to why the Flames had the initiative in the first period. I don't think Edmonton earned an 'A+' or even an 'A' in this game because they didn't put together a full sixty minutes. Furthermore, the Flames peppered Cam Talbot for 35 shots and so the defense with Edmonton isn't really there yet.

However, I would give the Oilers a solid 'A-' in recognition of the win on the road and for having several different players effective in the overall team's offense.

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