PSG, when compared to most domestic club leagues in Europe, are one of the stronger favorites in their respective league. For most of the season they have been about 1/4 to win outright with most sportsbooks. Those are crushing odds for an individual team in a 20-team league like France's Ligue 1. While PSG aren't exactly struggling this season, the topic of contract talks with Thiago Silvahave still come at a time when the team is not exactly living up to expectations.

PSGarethe third-placed team in France's Ligue 1 following weekend action. They took a draw away from their most recent outing, a very disappointing result given the venue and the competition.

PSG, who hosted their most recent match from Parc des Princes,were only facing a mid-ranked team in Olympique Marseille. The draw left two points unearned and both Nice and Monaco gained some separation over the weekend as a result. Nice, Ligue 1 leaders, arenow a full six points up on PSG in the early-season standings.

PSG's betting odds drifting slightly

Despite having to catch two teams and despite facing a deficit that will take multiple weeks to overcome PSG remain much shorter than even to win Ligue 1. They can now be found at 10/33 with bwin, odds that have drifted just a bit. Front-running Nice can still be found way out at 14/1 with Coral in ante-post. Those are long odds in my view as a team that is undefeated through ten matches and that holds a lead that permits margin for error is rarely a true 14 to 1 longshot for the championship.

Thiago Silva pressing for extension

Team captain Thiago Silva spoke with various media sources after the matchthis weekend. "I'm happy here," he said, "I want to stay, extend my contract.We need to talk with the president to know what we will do in the future" (quoted in the UK's DailyMail website October 24th).

Silva, whose contract expires at the end of this season, has missed half of PSG's Ligue 1 matchesto date this season with a hip/thigh injury. Perhaps that missing time is a partial explanation as to why PSG have underachieved a little.

The other team that is in thetalkregarding Silva is Juventus of Italy Serie A, talksthat Silva probably can't like since he's happy in Paris.Unresolved contract negotiations can be a distraction for a playerandPSG management seems a little ambiguous here.

Silva does have a history of sprains and injuries in the thigh area, so perhaps PSG would prefer to see what Silva does over the long term this season before making an offer. Conversely, it's probably in Silva's interests to get something signed in short order.

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