Tomorrow the ChicagoCubs are set to host the first World Series game at Wrigley Field since 1945, and instead of them being down 2-0 to the Cleveland Indians they took downTrevor Bauer and the Tribe 5-1 in game two, which takes the series to a best-of-five. What makes this series compelling moving forward is a number of things, but to the neutral fan it's wanting to see good baseball, which has been hit-or-miss over the first two games of the series.

World Series shifts to Wrigley Field

Usually then you think about the scene of a series moving from one place to another it doesn't really mean too much, but in this case it could mean everything.

Game three tomorrow will be the most electric and exciting crowd Major League Baseball has seen probably since the Boston Red Sox made it to the World Series back in 2004. No offense to all of the other markets, but when the Cubs are trying to break a 108-year-old curse, along with it being the first time since the team even made it to the World Series since 1945 it's kinda of a big deal.

The question though is how it will affect the players? The Cubs have already proved time and time again this post season that the pressure of playing at home hasn't affected them negatively with them going 4-1 so far. The Indians however haven't played in front of a home crowd like this in a long time, with them playing in the American League and not seeing the Cubs very often.

Storylines heading into three-game set

No matter what, since the series is tied 1-1 Chicago will get to host all three home games, so here are a couple of storylines to take into account.

Kyle Schwarber came back from his torn ACL and played a very good two games in the DH spot since they were playing in Cleveland, but with the series shifting to the NL format Joe Maddon will have to move Schwarber probably to left field since there's no DH.

Schwarber's never been known for his defensive abilities and now especially with him coming back from injury it could be an adventure out there in left field.

Indians Manger Terry Francona has given us the impression that ace Corey Kluber will start game four on short rest, and ifnecessary game seven.

In the meantime Bauer didn't have an encouraging start in game two and they have Josh Tomlin slated to start game three. Now that's not terrible, but if they need it Francona can use Danny Salazar in a combined start with someone else to eat up innings.

The scene at Wrigley Field is going to be absolutely wild. Here's to hoping for a close game instead of a repeat of the first two blowouts.

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