Terrelle Pryor has not been shy this year and he has proven that he is a legitimate #1 WR on the Cleveland Browns. He has the utmost confidence in his team and he won't back down from that point. The man still believes that the Browns could win the rest of their games this year. Trash talking big time names like Josh Norman isn't out of the question as well with the former Ohio State QB turned wide receiverTerrelle Pryor. But only if he had some help and another personality as dynamic as is.

JR Smith Playing Football?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the defending NBA champs but a key member of their team has not been re-signed to a deal yet.

Despite Lebron's ongoing plea to get Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers to re-sign sharpshooter JR Smith it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. He's talked about a potential career with the Cleveland Browns playing wide receiver. We know all about JR's antics in the NBA and that the guy is absolutely must see TV. We know that JR can be entertaining but also childish at times. I think that he'll bring his fun to the NFL andcreate new celebrations and his own unique style. Hopefully he lays off on untying people's shoes if he does make the transition to the NFL.

JR Smith and Terrelle Pryor Duo

This would be a combination for the ages. Both guys aren't afraid to say what they want anddo as they please.

From a Football standpoint, I think that they would make an outstanding wide receiving duo for Cody Kessler or whoeveris throwing the football for the Browns these days. JR Smith stands at 6'6 and Terrelle Pryor is 6'5 so for corners to try and guard both of them and a young emerging tight end in Gary Barnidge would be quite the challenge.

We would see even more bold and brash quotes if these two end up in the same locker room. For example,Terrelle Pryor once said he's not scared of Josh Norman because heis6'5 and 230 pounds and he's "not worried about no corner talking about him." I can only imagine how well JR Smith would compliment Pryor's bravado.

If this actually happens I would tune in just to see these two guys and what they do on a weekly basis, even if the Browns are 0-4.

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