The Buffalo Bills are red-hot right now after winning their third game in a row on the road in LA. The Bills defense flocked to Twitter after the game to celebrate the win and brag about their performance. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was left blaming his own fans for a poorcall late in the game.He might have had a point, because the Bills fans in attendance were apparently loud enough to make it sound like a home game! Stephon Gilmore went on Twitter to voice his support for the fans who came out to support their Football team on the road.

Gilmore Loves Bills Fans.

A Tweet posted by Gilmore directly after the game is evidence of the cornerback's strong bond with the city of Buffalo and its fans.

It's hard not to feel like you're a part of the team when Stephon Gilmore is posting Tweets like this and Brandon Spikes is posting photos in Bills Mafia. And the fans are now giving their full support to a team that looked like it was on the verge of collapse just two weeks into the season. Greg Roman's firing appears to have ignited a spark in this team that doesn't look like it will be extinguished anytime soon. This week, the Bills will take on the 49ers at home in front of a crowd that will be rowdy and loudfor a Bills team that is currently one spot out ofan AFC playoff spot.

San Francisco in Week 6.

The 49ers recently announced that they would start quarterback Colin Kaepernick against the Buffalo Bills this week. He could be on his knees for more than the national anthem if the Bills continue to play lights out defense. In the last three weeks, the Bills have allowed an average of just 12.33 points per game and forced at least one turnover in each of those games.

Part of that success can be attributed to the play of cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who has helped to effectively shut down opposing offenses for the last three weeks. Another portion of that success can be attributed to two players who currently lead the NFL in two different defensive categories.

In week 6 we will see if that success continues when the favoredBills take on a 49ers team that is currently listed as a 7.5 point underdog.

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