The men`s professional Tennis circuit is fast approaching an end. This week, the last notable ATP event is being held in Paris as the part of the autumn swing on the indoors hardcourt. Then, for the men`s tennis elite the final showdown is set to take place in London. The ATP Finals, where the best 8 players of the year are scheduled to play has quite a history. But this time, one of the players who wrote history at this particular event will not be present. In the past months, Roger Federer has been kept prisoner by a series of lingering injuries so he failed to gather the number of points required.

Roger Federer didn`t miss a single edition since his debut

It was during the season of 2002, the first time the Swiss tennis legend qualified for the ATP Finals. Since then, he made it to 14 consecutive editions of the event. Along the way, he reached the final 10 times, winning the tournament on 6 different occasions ( 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2011.) That is additional proof of his tremendous consistency throughout his career. For more than a decade, he`s been at the very top which is unique judging by how demanding modern tennis is.

In 2003, when he won his first ATP Finals title, in the final clash he bumped into Andre Agassi outshining the American legend in three straight sets. For those who think Roger Federer has been around since forever, that`s the reason.

Somehow he was the link connecting two different eras in men`s tennis. Back when he had confrontations against legends like Agassi or Sampras some of thetoday`s rising stars were in the elementary school.

Federer has a brand new confirmation of his horrible season

By failing to qualify for the ATP Finals, Roger Federer has ended perhaps the worst season of his career.

It`s been a year since he won the last ATP title on the professional circuit. Since his late success of 2015 season in Basel ( his hometown), he went through disappointingmoments with barely a handful of ATP events played.

Roger Federer is expected to make his return in December featuring in some charity events along with other tennis players.

Although the question remains whether he will have any major role in the ATP circuit, one thing is for sure- the ATP Tour is certainly poorer without him.

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