The Redskins defeated the Ravens 16-10 in week 5 of the NFL season, but the game didn't come without its share of controversy. Redskins fans who had grown tired of Breeland's injurydecided to rip into him on Twitter during the game. Normally a player would simply ignore these Tweets, but Breeland actually decided to respond to his critics after the game.

Breeland Doesn't Mind Being the Villain.

Bashaud Breeland's response to fans on Twitter was absolutely perfect. He decided to attack the lazy nature of those fans who were likely sitting on their couch all day watching football, something that may have actually struck a chord with some Twitter users.

There were obviously some Redskins fans who supported Breeland, as his Tweet accumulated almost 600 likes and was retweeted more than 150 times. But that doesn't take away from the fact that Breeland was clearly angry with a fan base that he felt wasn't supporting him properly. But Breeland'snext Tweet makes it look like it didn't matter too much.

It's fun to be the villain. You get all the criticism but are generally in a position of power where you can do whatever you want.

On Twitter, Breeland was free to respond to his fan critics who didn't likethe fact that he didn't play on Sunday.

When Will Breeland Be Back?

Bashaud is one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL and the Redskins could really use him soon. The fans are obviously clamoring for a return, but the Redskins are actually suggesting that he may be back from his ankle injury this week against the Eagles.

Washington could definitely use him against an Eagles team that has actually had a pretty potent offense this year. Breeland would likely be able to force rookie quarterback Carson Wentz into a few mistakes and play the part of villain in an actual game instead of on Twitter.

How Will the Fans Respond?

It's hard to believe that the Redskins fan base could ever hold a grudge against their own player. People on Twitter have the ability to be as nasty and as mean as they want, but this might have gone a little too far. If Breeland returns this week and plays well, expect Redskins fans to forget about this little incident. But Breeland, who was ripped on Twitter for making a sound medical decision, may not forget about it.

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