The Rams started the season 3-1 and have played the part of contender for those four weeks of the season. On Sunday, the Rams lost to a red hot Buffalo Bills team that was able to score 30 points against a very tough Rams defense. The Bills defense shut down Case Keenum and forced the Rams into several turnovers, one of which resulted in a touchdown. In the fourth quarter, the Rams faced a difficult situation on their own side of the field on fourth down.

A Failed Fake Punt.

In an attempt to spark something, the Rams tried a fake punt on fourth down. The fake punt didn't even come close to the first down as the Bills swarmed to the ball carrier almost immediately.

The Bills would go on to score a touchdown on their possession, effectively sealing the victory. But why run a fake punt with more than four minutes left in the game? Jeff Fisher actually thinks it would have worked if the fans in LA were a little bit smarter.

That's an interesting theory, but it's hard to actually believe that it had an impact on the success of the play. But Jeff Fisher might have a point about the fans in LA. Apparently these fans needed to be told to make noise on defense and be more silent on offense over the loudspeaker.

And what kind of fans show up midway through the first quarter? The Bills might have missed the playoffs for the last sixteen years, but their fans show up on time and know how to support their team effectively.

Jeff Fisher Needs to Prove He Can be Better Than 8-8.

Poor fans are not an excuse for Jeff Fisher at this point.

Fisher is a perennial 8-8 coach and hasn't yet proven that he can overcome that status. His team started the year 3-2 but is again hovering around the .500 status that seems to let him keep his job every season. This year, Fisher needs to do better and make the playoffs if he actually wants to keep his job.

The presence of rookie quarterback Jared Goff will likely delay any major decisions, but another poor performance by Case Keenum will put Goff directly into the spotlight. At this point, Fisher will have to blame more than the fans to save his job.

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