For a while now, a chilly wind whistles inside the ATP circuit. Despite their previous success, some older players are struggling with form or with ongoing injuries. In that specific situation for quite some time, Rafael Nadal alongside withRoger Federer,are huge losses for what the ATP Tour used to be. If Federer is still out for a few months, Rafael Nadal struggled with form and poor results lately. His left wrist injury is still bothering him cutting off any hope of a decent pace. He withdrew from any ATP event left in 2016 in order to give his body a decent recovery time. But it`ll be enough ?

Nadal has been strugglingwith injuries over the past years

Throughout his career, Rafael Nadal fought with numerous inactivity periods due to multiple injuries. Still, on each time he was able to make a successful comeback except for the last time. In the summer of 2014, a wrist injury forced him to quit the summer swing on the American hardcourt. Since that point on, he was never able to regain his best form. He failed to win another Grand Slam, and despite some success in the spring of 2016, he lost a bit of his glow.

Once a player is being sidelined for months due to an injury, despite having great skills, the lack of playing has its costs. No training session can raise a player`s level as the intensity of a real contest does.

It is a dangerous spiral to get into though unavoidable even for the greatest.

Rafael Nadal ends a poor season

The 30-years-old Spaniard made an interesting decision when called the end of this season. He made quite an effort by playing at the Olympics with his wrist not being 100 % healed. And he had some reasons to enjoy later by becoming the Olympic gold medalist in men`s doubles with his fellow compatriot and best friend Marc Lopez.

That award was the only one missing from his showcase.

Nadal will miss the ATP Finals in London which is perhaps the only event he couldn`t make comfortable with as he never won it. It`s interesting to see whether or not Rafael Nadal, 14 times Grand Slam champion, will regain that impressive allure he used to possess.

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