Bill Belichick has done it again. Jacoby Brisset was named the Patriots starter for week 4 just one day after it was originally reported that Jimmy Garoppolo would start for the Patriots. Brisset, the third string quarterback for the Patriots, led the team to a blowout win in week 3 against a Texans team that had started the year 2-0. In the victory, Brisset suffered a ligamnet injury that was expected to keep him out for a significant period of time. Now it looks like Jacoby will actually be able to start the game, according to a report from Adam Schefter.

Adam Schefter's Report.

The well known king of information for ESPN let everyone know on Twitter that Brisset will be the starter for week 3.

Perhaps more interesting is who the Patriots backup quarterback will be now that Garoppolo has been declared inactive. Julian Edelman, aformerquarterback, will be the guy to replace Brisset if he should again go down with another injury.

You never want to root for an injury, but it would be pretty awesome to see Julian Edelman playing quarterback out there.

Buffalo Bills Have a Chance.

The Bills have struggled to defeat the New England Patriots in Foxboro for the last ten years. Most of that has to do with quarterback Tom Brady, who routinely owns the Bills defense almost every time the two teams play. This time, the Bills have a unique chance to take advantage of a situation that could help them get to 2-2.

Brisset barely passed for more than 100 yards in week 3, something that won't work against a Bills defense that loves to shut down the run. If the Patriots want to beat the Bills, Brisset will have to be willing to throw the ball downfield. An opportunistic Bills defense picked Carson Palmer off four times last week and will look to build upon that strong performance again in week 4.

Bill Belichick's Games.

The Patriots head coach had probably known who his starter would be for the entire week. The Patriots will be prepared to beat the Bills they can with whatever resources are available. Belichick always has his team prepared and it will be no different in week 4. Expect a legendary battle between a solid Patriots team and a Bills team that will be desperate for a win in week 4.

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