Unfortunately for Cubs fans, the loveable losers are against the odds in winning the World Series due to their best record in baseball. Many may be bewildered by this statement, but a close look at history displays that teams with the best record are often less likely to reach the promised land.

Are the Cubs the new 1998 Yankees?

One of the teams the Cubs have been compared to is the 1998 Yankees, a team that is arguably one of the greatest teams ever assembled. This is due to the Cubs’ incredible talent and young core that has catapulted them to the top of the NL Central and into the NLCS.

However, it is unfair to parallel them to the memorable Yankees team just yet due to the fact that they must still battle in the playoffs for the highly coveted MLB prize.

Every year a team with the best record can get the same comparison to the 1998 Yankees, but often fall short due to them not being able to capitalize and win a title.

Since the juggernaut 1998 Yankees, only four teams with the best season record out of 17 have won the World Series. This should make the Cubs and their fans cringe and be skeptical about how realistic their chances of winning it all are in 2016.

The Cubs curse is alive and well

Aside from the Cubs being against the odds due to teams with the best record being unsuccessful in the postseason, they are battling their inner demons as they try to win their first World Series in 107 years. It is safe to say that pressure amounts on the ballclub as every year they are reminded of their historical drought.

The pressure was evident and was exposed at times during the NLDS against the Giants, but the South Siders showed their resiliency and were able to pull off a shocker in game 4 to advance to play either the Nationals or the Dodgers. Even their fans were surprised as it was displayed in the eight inning down 5-2 as a few Cubs fans were seen with their heads down, giving up and fleeing the stadium.

The Cubs and their fans should not take whomever they play lightly as they prepare for their chance to punch their ticket to the final round. They are arguably better on paper, but will face even more pressure than they did last year where they fell in 4 games to the New York Mets as they will constantly be reminded of their shortfall and how they did not execute in the big series.

Mind you, the Dodgers and Nationals do not have Matt Harvey, Syndergaard, or deGrom, but both teams have a solid bullpen that can shut them down in the late innings and have offenses that can match up well with the Cubs young hitters.

The entire city of Chicago is mindful of what transpired last year and have a lifetime of nightmares and heartbreaks they can recall. Every year they are hopeful that the curse will be broken and that they will finally be able to celebratewinning a trophy. However as stated, the Cubs are against the odds as they have stats, history, and pressure they must overcome, which clearly depicts the picture that Cubs fans will again have to wait till next year.

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