In the past 2 years, Novak Djokovichas been untouchable at the top of the ATP rankings. During that time he won so many events on the ATP calendar that at onepoint he was compared to some sort of machine due to his amazing endurance. In the past few months, that intangibility myth came close to an end as the Serbian player has been rather inconsistent considering his highstandards. According to the ATP official site, Novak Djokovic will make his next appearance in London. That means the Serb will skip the last Masters 1000 event of the year which is set to start next week in Paris. The Serb is also the defending champion in Paris.

Djokovic had a strange season

In the first half of the current season, the world no. 1 won almost everythingwith few exceptions. By winning the French Open he filled up the vacuum of a major success on the clay court. After that, he lost a bit of his pace and some unnatural results showed up. He lost at Wimbledon in the 3rd round and then in the Olympics openingmatch. As a matter of fact, between his success at the French Open and the current day he can brag with a sole title at Rogers Cup.

Some revival hopes were attached on his side at the US Open but Stan Wawrinka made an impressive match in the final claiming the title at the end of4 sets completely dominated by the new Swiss no. 1 male player.

For Djokovic, the indoor Asian swing was unsuccessful too.

With the picture of 2 distinctive halves of the season in mind, the simplerexplanation seems to be a physicaldistress. Following his defeat at Wimbledon, Djokovicsuggested that he was not 100% fit. The Serb asked for a doctor as he was confronting with a bloody blister at one of his toes while playing at the U.S.


Djokovic lost many ranking points

His lack of success is best seen at a quick look at the rankings where the ScotsmanAndy Murray is closing the gap fast. Today, the ATP ranking was updated and Djokovic has 12,900 points while Murray can be proud of his 10,485 points. At one pointduring the summer, Novak was way ahead with a stunning number of points- almost double as Murray had.

Murray might be a real danger for Djokovic, especially in the first half of the next season when the Serb must defend his points if he wants to remain at the top.

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