With such a volatile dynamic in terms of rankings, Tennis is that particular sport allowing only the highly gifted athletes to stay on the summit for more than a blink. A prominentfigure of its sport in the past years, Novak Djokovic has been at the peak for acouple of seasons. Taking advantage of others inconsistency, the 29-year-old player seized almost all the greatness to his pocket. Still, somewhere around the mid-season of this year, something caved in and he lost his rhythm. Without winning an ATP title in months and failing to defend all the points, the Serb lost most of his leverage toAndy Murray- the only one who can steal the crown from the Serb.

Djokovic went down while Murray climbed

While Novak Djokovic has been struggling with inconsistency, injuries and lack of success, Andy Murray went on an upward spiral of success. The Scotsman won Wimbledon in July thus securing the 2nd spot in the ATP rankings. Since then, he went on a shiny run in Rio winning the Olympic gold medal in men`s singles. Despite losing in the US Open`s quarterfinals, Murray regained his pace during the Asian swing with solid displays of tennis in Beijing and Shanghai- both being capped with titles in singles as well as good points in the rankings. Most recently, Murray won the ATP event in Vienna and now he is heading to Paris for the last Masters 1000 event of the year.

While the Scotsman has so little to defend, Djokovic is being put under a lot of pressure. The Serb, winner of 12 Grand Slam titles, is the defending champion in Paris as well as the only player who won this event on 4 separate occasions.

Djokovic blames injuries as the cause of his downfall

In the past seasons, Novak Djokovic set the bar so high that any poor performance has been sanctioned using the blunt power as a result of comparisons.

In the early stages of 2016, the Serb star made no mistakes but a downfall was only a matter of time. Despite being a complete athlete he`s almost 30 and his body is also subject to malfunctions and fatigue.

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