Nigel Hayes, a basketball player for the University of Wisconsin, has been a strong advocate for student-athlete rights and hasn't been shy to share his opinion on other issues like racism. He recently spokeat Big Tenmedia day about the massive deal that Wisconsin has signed with Under Armour. He believes it is ridiculous that the student-athletes get no part of this blockbuster deal for the University and that the Big Ten should pay their athletes because of the amount of revenue that they generate for the conference.

Nigel Hayes on College Gameday.

Hayes hasn't been one to stay away from controversy and his head basketball coach Greg Gard is behind his player 100%.

He believes that his team fighting for their own platform is something to be proud of that they are actively trying to make a difference to the landscape of college athletics. Here we see Hayes at College Gameday with a sign that reflects his stance on the issue. He even puts his Venmo username brokebadger1 at the bottom in case you want to send him any money.

Nigel Hayes on UW'sdeal with Under Armour.

Nigel Hayes may have a right to be mad about the fact that many colleges have inked monster deals with apparel company's such as Nike and the Jordan brand as well as Under Armour.

UCLA's deal with Under Armour is poised to be one of the largest in history and the players are getting no part of that. Nigel Hayes is upset because this deal is worth 96 million dollars over the next 10 years and as a star player in their athletics program he feels he has a right to some of that money.

Although they may be getting free apparel, without the recent successes of the sports programs I doubt that a deal of this magnitude would have been reached with one of the most recognizable brand names in the world.

Hayes attacks the Big Ten.

He has been very active on Twitter and to the media as well.

Just yesterday he posted that his scholarship is worth about $160,000 and the Big Ten made nearly $450,000,000 dollars. He responded at the end of his tweet by saying "If only there was enough money to pay us." Many athletes and former athletes have been vocal about this but Hayes is the first to come to mind recently with his efforts for athletes to get paid. Northwestern, another Big Ten school, had players take a stand and try and get the NCAA to pay students, but it was eventually it was taken to court and they were unsuccessful. The revenue for the Big Ten rose 33% last year and is only going to get bigger due to new TV deals. So Hayes isn't going to sit back and be quiet about the increasing revenue when he thinks he and other student-athletes should get a chunk of that revenue.

Hayes is projected to be a 1st round pick in the upcoming NBA draft but he would rather not wait until his pro career starts to start getting paid. But right now it looks like he'll have to wait until that time. His outspokenness on this subject has drawn a lot of attention to himself and you have towonder if that will affect his draft stock. Right nowHayes is doing a good job bringing the public spotlight to an issue he is so passionate about. There is no timetable to see if Hayes' efforts will be rewarded with realchange but I do praise Hayes for opening a more intense dialogue on the subject.

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