The Association of Tennis Professionals updated their rankings on Monday. However, in bigger news the leading #NextGen star, Nick Kyrgios, has received a major suspension.TheATP's press releasewent out in an email on Monday morning at about 4am ET to those that sign up for the press releases. The ATP released the following statements from London, England.

"Following the completion of its investigation into Nick Kyrgios’ second round match last week at the Shanghai Rolex Masters, the ATP has announced that Kyrgios has been found to have committed the player major offense ‘Conduct Contrary to the Integrity of the Game.'"

Kyrgios tanked it last week

Krygios didn't seem interested in his second-round match in Shanghai and appeared to tank the match.

The ATP requires that players try their best to win each point that they participate in. Normally players that do not appear to be doing so are given a verbal warning by the chair umpire. However, you could watch hundreds of matches without seeing the procedure play out.

According to the bullet points of the 230-word release the following will happen to the Australian player:

  • Kyrgios will receive a $25,000US fine on top of already issued fines
  • Kyrgios will be suspended from tournaments for eight weeks, meaning that he won't be able to play until January 15th

The reason that the eight-week suspension would carry over to January, despite the fact that it's still October, is because the season is already nearly over.

An eight-week suspension in true time would go into December, at a time when there are no matches to be played. The return date of the suspension appears to be strategic in that it would allow Kyrgios to compete in the 2017 Australian Open. Given that he's the top-ranked Aussie, the ATP would not want him to miss that tournament.

Kyrgios can lower suspension

However, there is very interesting statement in the release, one that could mitigate Kyrgios' suspension considerably: "the suspension will be reduced to three tournament weeks upon agreement that the player enters a plan of care under the direction of a Sports Psychologist."

How Kyrgios will react to that condition is unclear, but if I know him then he'll feel affronted by it.

In truth a tacit recommendation to get a psychologist is a statement that would sit well with practically no one. I think Kyrgios will probably miss the remainder of the season and then try to get his suspension reduced through the Court of Arbitration for Sport. That's the body that Maria Sharapova received a reduced suspension with. In Kyrgios' case, he would likely want to be eligible for the lead-up events to the Aussie as many of them are played in the South Pacific.

Kyrgios certainly has a history of problems in his short career. On-court tantrums are common enough, but perhaps the most stand-out issue before Shanghai took place at Montreal 2015. In a match against Stan Wawrinka, Kyrgios started talking openly about the Swiss player's girlfriend's sex life, revealing who she slept with prior to dating Wawrinka.

You read that correctly - that was how he behaved in a televised Masters Series 1000 match.

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