Early in the morning on October 17th Australian Tennis player Nick Kyrgios received a suspension from the ATP, one that will last at least the rest of the season. If the suspension is not reduced then Kyrgios will be looking at missing tour events until mid-January. The 21-year-old Australian addressed the matter in a statement that was published today, October 17th, at website NickKyrgios.org.

Bullet points of Kyrgios' statement

  • Kyrgios apologized to fans for "circumstances"at the 2016 Shanghai Masters
  • He said that his "body finally just gave out in Shanghai"
  • He expressed "regret" at not being able to compete further for a spot in the tour finals next month

Kyrgios' statement did not address the issue of appeal, perhaps a matter that will be attended to later.

Instead the non-confrontational statement read as a sincere apologyfor the most part with a bit of an effort to frame his actions as being due to fatigue, injury, and/or travel woes.

In truth, I do think that fatigue played a major role in both Kyrgios' moodiness and on-court behavior. He won Tokyo in the prior week and had no rest ahead of Shanghai, something that usually sets players up for a loss. In Kyrgios' case perhaps it set him up for some bad-moodbehavior as well.

No mention of psychologist

The other matter that Kyrgios did not address was whether he was going to try and mitigate his suspension with an option that the ATP offered. If Kyrgios works with a sports psychologist then he can see his suspension reduced from eight weeks down to just three tournament weeks.

That would enable him to play in events starting November 7th, however that is a time in the year when tournaments start shutting down.

Kyrgios was in the running as a candidate to make the ATP's World Tour Finals in London, England. If his eligibility was reinstated on November 7th then he would be eligible for the mid-November London event except for one small detail.

He actually needs to win some big matches between now and November 7th to qualify for London. Since he can't participate in any events for at least three tournament weeks, there's no way he can make London now even if he reduces his suspension.

Basically a reductiondoesn't help out Kyrgios much except for when it comes to the early-season events in 2017.

If he wants to participate in tournaments like Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Doha, or Chennai then he needs to win an appeal or take the reduced-suspension option. If he's fine not playing until the 2017 Australian Open, as I think he might be,then he can take the suspension as is.

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