After an exciting Week 7, Week 8 in the NFL kicks off tonight with a game that has fans and experts alike questioning why Thursday night games exist.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans, Thursday 8:25 ET

The Jaguars have underwhelmed pretty much everyone this season, suggesting quarterback Blake Bortles may be in need of a benching. Marcus Mariota isn't facing that question for the Titans yet, but he's underperforming as well.Titans 16, Jaguars 13

Washington at Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday 9:30 ET

Just one week after the disaster of a game between the New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams, we're back in London.

Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert made his season debut last week, while Washington tight end Jordan Reed is expected to miss his second straight game due to a concussion.Bengals 24, Washington 20

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills, Sunday 1:00 ET

Buffalo shocked many around the NFL when they took down the Pats on the road earlier this season. Rest assured, Tom Brady will not let that happen again. LeSean McCoy is still dealing with a hamstring injury and his prognosis for the Bills is uncertain.Patriots 31, Bills 13

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns, Sunday 1:00 ET

Cleveland still hasn't won a game this season and now may be forced to start Kevin Hogan at quarterback, a bad sign for all involved.

Meanwhile, Ryan Fitzpatrick is back under center for the Jets after he was benched, then awkwardly had to replace the injured Geno Smith.Jets 24, Browns 14

Detroit Lions at Houston Texans, Sunday 1:00 ET

Lions QB Matthew Stafford looks better and better every week, generating some NFL MVP hype. Brock Osweiler, on the other hand, has never looked worse than he did going back to his old stomping grounds in Denver last Monday night.

The Texans are home though.Texans 21, Lions 20

Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts, Sunday 1:00 ET

Andrew Luck is having a career year at the helm of the Colts, despite a lack of pass protection or a running game to distract defenders. The Chiefs are won of the more wildly inconsistent teams in the NFL this season, coming off two solid defensive performances.

Colts 27, Chiefs 20

Oakland Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday 1:00 ET

Oakland is undoubtedly the better team talent-wise, and one of the best stories of the NFL this season. At some point, however, the constant travel to and from the east coast has to catch up with them -- the Bucs catch a break in this game.Buccaneers 20, Raiders 16

Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints, Sunday 1:00 ET

Seattle's defense is one of the best in the NFL, while their offense is struggling. New Orleans' offense is one of the best in the NFL, while their defense is nonexistent. The X-factor in this game is tight end Jimmy Graham, who is returning to the place where his Football career took off.

Seahawks 19, Saints 14

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers, Sunday 1:00 ET

This match isn't quite going to live up to the hype of last season's NFC Championship Game. The Panthers haven't played well all season and the Cardinals are coming off an uninspiring tie. Cam Newton has talked a big game this week about turning Carolina around, and being at home gives them that shot.Panthers 28, Cardinals 17

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