Prior to Thursday, the biggest sports story surrounding New York sports teams was the New York Jets' pathetic offense. Now, the New York Giants have taken center stage as it's come to light that kicker Josh Brown admitted to physically abusing his wife on multiple occasions and the team did nothing about it.

2015 Pro Bowl.

At last season's Pro Bowl, Brown had arranged for he and his family to stay in two different hotel rooms. One night, Brown came back to the hotel in a drunken stupor and began banging on the hotel room occupied by his wife and children. Josh's wife, Molly, called security and Brown was removed from the area.

The hotel then arranged for Molly and her kids to stay in a different hotel room without telling Josh where in the hotel they would be.

Giants' owner John Mara admitted in an interview on Thursday that Josh Brown had informed the team that he had abused his wife before, but Mara said it was "unclear" to what extent. Despite knowledge of Brown's abuse, the Giants still gave Josh a two-year contract extension in April and administered no punishment, although the NFL did suspend Brown for the first game of the 2016 season.

With information becoming public on Thursday that Brown admitted to abusing his wife on a number of occasions, there has been public outrage all across social media for the way the NFL and New York Giants have handled the situation.

The public was led to believe that there was no evidence of the alleged abuse, but with Brown's admission hitting the airwaves, it's a disgrace that he was allowed to keep his job.

What Happens Now?

As of this article, Brown is still employed by the New York Giants, but will not be traveling with the team to London for Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Giants have signed former Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould to handle the kicking duties while the NFL reopens its investigation into Brown.

The longer Josh Brown remains employed, the more egg that is on the face of the Giants and the league. There is nothing that the Giants can say now that will excuse the fact that they had knowledge that Brown beat his wife on a number of occasions, in front of his children, and the team still allowed him to keep his job.

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