Despite not having formal approval from the NFL, Raiders owner mark davis plans to move the team from Oakland to Las Vegas. The Nevada state legislature approved a $750 million dollar fund paid for via a tax on hotels and motels. This vote came from a special session called forth by Nevada governor Brian Sandoval and it passed overwhelmingly 16-5. The stadium is supported by casino magnets Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson and is said to also include plans for a brand new convention center. For the city of Las Vegas this represents a major opportunity but it is one that might ultimately turn out to be fool's gold because getting the Raiders isn't a guarantee.

The Raiders might not leave

Despite Mark Davis' declaration to get his Raiders to Vegas, he has several roadblocks in his way. For starters, he needs the approval of at least 24 of the 32 owners and there is much concern among many of those owners as to whether or not having a team in Vegas makes sense. He also is reportedly not the most popular owner in the league given the reputation of his father, the late Al Davis. It also isn't clear if Davis would move the team if the city of Oakland where the Raiders currently reside would give him a new stadium which doesn't appear likely as city officials have declined to use public funds. In April, the Oakland city council did approve a new lease for the Raiders which raised their rent considerably and the team is only on a year to year lease from here on out.

Then again the Raiders don't need approval

One of the defining moments of Al Davis' time as Raiders owner came when he decided he didn't need approval in 1982 and decided to move the Oakland Raiders. This resulted in a lengthy court battle and the Raiders moved anyway. Mark could follow in his father's footsteps if he's really intent on moving the team to Las Vegas which would be his only option if funds for a new stadium in Oakland never come to fruition.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed that an owner can move a team without going through the proper channels when discussing the Rams move to Los Angeles in January of 2015. All of this is still in the early stages as the bill to use public funding on a proposed Las Vegas stadium still needs to be formally approved.

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