JakeArrieta won the 2015 National League Cy Young Award. In that year, Jake Arrieta won the most games in MLB, pitching a stunning no-hitter, and set a MLBrecord at 0.75 earned run average.On Wednesday night, that 2015 version of Jake Arrieta showed up to pitch against the Cleveland Indians and was the winning pitcher in World Series Game 2.

Arrieta had a no-hitter going into six innings

He even had a no-hitter going intosix innings. The victory was the first for the Chicago Cubssince Oct. 8, 1945, just before the curse of bar ownerBilly Sianis' goat named "Murphy." An early sign that the curse has been lifted off of the Cubs.

Because of this win, the advantage now shifts back to the Chicago Cubs. It is because of that win thatNate Silver is now giving the Chicago Cubs a 62 percent chance of winning the World Series championship over the Cleveland Indians. The Cubs will play the next three games of the World Series in Chicago's Wrigley Field and the city will be electrified, and hoping to close it out by Sunday.

Politics plays a role in this year's World Series

The Chicago Cubs are a sports team, but politics is playing a big role this year like no other year during the World Series. For one, the World Series is being played during one of the most remarkable presidential campaigns in history. One of the teams in the World Series, the Cleveland Indians, is located in a key swing state that will undoubtedly determine the next president.

For another, it isPresident Barack Obama's former residence, and still his residence as far as voting (Chicago). Not to mention a certain trip to the White House prior to President Obama's leaving, particularly if the Cubs win. In spite of the fact, President Obama is a bigger Chicago White Sox fan.

Nevertheless, he is a city of Chicago fan.

Nate Silver started out his career in baseball, not politics

Lastly, even Nate Silver, the iconic prognosticator who has predicted the winners of many political elections, has weighed in on the World Series.In fact, Mr. Silver started out in his work life as a baseballwriter for Baseball Prospectus, in which he analyzed performances of individual players, wrote about the economics of baseball, developed metrics in evaluatingplayers and developed an "Elo rating system" for Major League baseball.

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