According to an announcement from each of the schools, the University of Florida and Louisiana State University have agreed to postpone their scheduled SEC college Football game on Saturday. Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm, is expected to make landfall in Floridaon Friday.

Implications for the game

LSU has offered to host any rescheduled match if necessary, but the scheduling may prove to be too large of a challenge. The teams don't share an off weekend until after the regular season's conclusion. They could potentially play on the weekend of the SEC Championship if neither team is within a game of qualifying for it, or play the following weekend, though that would likely preclude them from playing in a major bowl game if the selection process already occurred.

Florida is currently half a game behind Tennessee in the SEC East, while LSU is a full game behind Texas A&M in the SEC West.

Other affected sporting events

The Florida Panthers postponed their preseason hockey game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, which likely won't be rescheduled. The Florida Instructional League, which was expected to conclude this week, has cancelled the remainder of their games; Tim Tebow played in the league. A minor league hockey game has also been cancelled.

Some notable sporting events haven't been affected as of yet, including a Saturday night college football game where Florida State is hosting Miami (Florida), and two NFL games scheduled to take place,one in Miami on Sunday afternoon and one in Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday night.

Hurricane Matthew a serious storm

hurricane Matthew is expected to be one of the most dangerous hurricanes in recent memory and is drawing comparisons to 2012's Hurricane Sandy. Winds have been recorded at 140 miles per hour with the storm continuing to strengthen. At least 280 people were killed by the hurricane in Haiti.

States of emergency have been declared in Florida and South Carolina, and FEMA has been activated. If sporting events were to be played, critical resources such as ambulances and police officers would be forced to convene at the stadiums, potentially away from areas of pressing need.

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