Monday night, Anfield will welcome an exciting and thrilling match between the well-known football teams from the United Kingdom, Liverpool versus Manchester United. Infamous for their toe-curling rivalry that has created quite the drama on the sport sections of various newspapers, what will result from this much anticipated football match? Here’s some interesting pre-game facts:

Long standing rivalry

The play between Liverpool and Manchester United has had both sets of devotees raising their heckles against one another. While Manchester United has lost matches against other teams, as frustrating and embarrassing as they were supposed to be, it still wouldn’t compare to the possibility of losing to Liverpool.

It has even come to such intensity that Liverpool not winning the league is of more importance than Manchester United winning it.

Liverpool favoured to win

Liverpool is rarely ever favoured when heading into a game against Manchester United. Alas, this time, they are the favoured ones, and with good reasons. Manager Jurgen Klopp deserves acknowledgement for Liverpool’s splendid start to the season. If not for Klopp, it would be unbelievable to lead people to believe that Liverpool would have progressed so much as a team, with neat tempo and where everyone seems to be on the same wavelength.Manchester United is, admittedly, well-equipped to head out onto the green vast field and win the match. The difference, though, is that they will have go to beat Liverpool’s enthusiasm after having wonfive games in a row in all the competitions so far within the season.For this season, Liverpool has won against both Arsenal and Chelsea, and even managed to draw at Tottenham.

The morale is high for Liverpool, especially if they wrangle a positive result on Monday night, which will push them into the talks for the title of winning the league at last.

Who’s on the bench?

One look at the players up for the game and we will all know that both Klopp and Mourinho have both been leading magnificent teams consisting of a talented bunch of players who will be sitting on the bench for Monday night’s match.

Not only that, Klopp and Mourinho have excellent coaching and expert medical staff sitting on the side-lines waiting to help along their progress towards a victory.For Liverpool, they will, of course, have the boss, Klopp, who definitely won’t be sitting in the dugout but toeing the touchline, his eyes zeroed in on his players.

Zeljko Buvac and Peter Krawietz will also be present, both of whom are known to be Klopp’s handy right-hand men. John Achterberg, the “most hardworking coach who works 25 hours per day” won’t be absent.Manchester United, on the other hand, will be having Jose Mourinho who will probably sprint along the touchline because he’s that excited. Assistant Manager, RuiFaria, also Mourinho’s right-hand man, will be there, ready to take on the role of manager at the highest level if given the opportunity. Mourinho also has coaches SilvinoLouro and Carlos Lalin to stand with him to watch his players play for victory.

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