Cedric Benson made headlines as a former running back for the University of Texas at Austin and having a career in the NFL with the Bears, Green Bay Packers, and the Cincinnati Bengals. In 2012. Benson had issues with his dogs attacking several calves and in 2014 was arrested for public intoxication. Those charges were dismissed.

Benson being sued for Rottweiler attack on a woman and her dog

According to court records, Cedric Benson is faced with a lawsuit for the attack of his Rottweiler on a woman, Lynn Comegys, and her dog. His dog allegedly jumped on Lynn, knocking her down and proceeded to attack her and her dog, Carson.

Reports show that Benson opened his garage door without ensuring his dog was first secured on a leash. After knocking Lynn to the ground, she was bitten on the arm and sustained other injuries still being treated since the incident in July. If not bad enough, another of Benson’s Rottweilers came out and began attacking Lynn’s dog, Carson. Benson was trying to remove his dog from the woman when the second dog joined in the attacks. Carson needed substantial medical procedures totaling in the thousands of dollars which Benson was quickly willing to pay, among other medical expenses incurred for both Lynn and her dog.

Benson’s lawsuit and charges

The lawsuit of September 27th names Benson and his Texas Company CMB Family LP as the defendants in this case.

The lawsuit claims that while it appears Benson was attempting to remove one of his dogs from the situation, another came charging. Additionally, this is not the first incident the man has had with dangerous dog attacks that culminated in civil and criminal issues. Monetary gain sought from Comegys totals more than $200,000 and less than a million dollars.

The damages claimed are pain, suffering, physical impairment, mental anguish, and disfigurement. The lawsuit is in the Travis County District Court. Despite his apologies and offers to pay all medical expenses, history involving his “dangerous dogs” hangs over his head, acknowledging his negligence in preventing these incidents.

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