Well, he's done it again. Larry Donnell was back at it this morning in London and fumbled his first catch of the day. Unfortunately, Donnell's fumbling seems to be a pattern that just cannot be corrected. And Giants fans have now become extremely frustrated with a talented tight end who simply has a penchant for fumbling the Football. Donnell's fumbling has led to a massive amount of criticism on Twitter and fans didn't hold back on Sunday morning.

Larry Donnell Fumbles the Ball.

The fumble was probably the worst play of the morning and it led to a Rams touchdown. The poor play prompted one Twitter user to proclaim that Donnell is "remarkably bad at football."

And after watching that play, it's pretty hard not to agree.

Things got even worse when you realize that this poor play led to the first touchdown for a Rams offense that generally struggles to move the football. Tavon Austin caught a touchdown pass and the Rams took an early 7-0 lead.

Twitter Destroys Larry Donnell.

Giants fans didn't have very many kind words for Larry Donnell after the fumble. One user suggested that Donnell would be out of a job soon if he continued playing like this.

And it's pretty hard to disagree. Donnell's past fumbling issues coupled with the emergence of Will Tye make it hard to believe that Donnell is still employed in the NFL.

One Twitter user even begged the Giants to kick Donnell off the team.

And the following video is pretty emblematic of the feelings of most Giants fans after watching the poor play.

But there were many more Tweets about Donnell's poor play, and not all of them were particularly benevolent.

Extremely Harsh Criticism of Larry Donnell.

Some Twitter users even asked for a Larry Donnell injury. I understand that the play was bad, but why would you ever wish an injury upon any NFL player?

And especially not a ACL injury!

Those are extremely painful and are very hard for anybody to recover from. And it's hard to really endorse comments like these when you realize that Larry Donnell is actually capable of making plays like these.

But that isn't going to prevent Giants fans from living in the present and criticizing him now. And it certainly isn't going to prevent anybody from calling Donnell the worst tight end in the league after a pretty awful first half.

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