The only thing more tragic than the death of Jose Fernandez was the story of the life he left behind. After the Marlins player lost his life due to a boat crash in Florida, it was revealed he had just recently announced that he and his girlfriend, Maria Arias, were expecting a baby.In one of the 24-year-old athlete's final Instagram posts, he shared a picture of Arias' baby bump, as well as a special message to his girlfriend. In the message, Fernandez expressed his gratitude for Arias and his excitement to be taking the journey into parenthood with her.

Jose Fernandez was previously set to marry Carla Mendoza

When Jose Fernandez's death was first announced, many believed he was still engaged to Carla Mendoza. Fernandez and Mendoza dated for years after hitting it off while Mendoza was working as a cheerleader for the Marlin's energy team. Then, earlier this year, the couple broke off their engagement and after meeting at a party, Fernandez and Arias began dating and within weeks, they conceived a child.After Fernandez's passing, Mendoza shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram page in regard to the time she spent with Fernandez. She also requested that those reading her message showed respect to Arias, who was pregnant with Fernandez's first child.

New details regarding Jose Fernandez's death have been revealed

Weeks after Jose Fernandez and a couple of his friends lost their lives in a boating accident, TMZ has shared new details about the moments leading up to the tragic event. According to their report on October 26, authorities are now treating the incident as ahomicide investigationdue to the belief that the person operating the boat was intoxicated.

At the time of the crash, it was noted that the bodies of the three victims "had a strong odor of alcohol emanating from them."It was also noted that the crash appeared to bea high speed collision and the "recklessness" of the driver "was exacerbated by the consumption of alcohol."

Prior to the crash, Jose Fernandezhad been spending time at theAmerican Social waterfront bar.A receipt for alcohol from the venue was foundin the pocket of one of the victims.

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