The Cubs lost the first game of the World Series in a 6-0 shutout that was dominated by Cleveland. Chicago's chance came with the bases loaded and no outs, but the team failed to take advantage and the Indians would retain their lead for the rest of the game. Cleveland's incredible ability to hold onto leads with excellent pitching and great playmaking has played a huge role in the team's run to the World Series. The Indians will face a huge test when they battle against star Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta tonight.

Jake Arrieta's Recent Playoff Past.

The Cubs star pitcher was one of the best in baseball earlier in the season, but struggled at the end of the year.

He's been good enough to value himself at $150 million for seven years, so he better back that talk up in the playoffs tonight. Unfortunately, Arrieta's struggles in the playoffs are well documented. His last game saw the Dodgers hit two homers and Arrieta also allowed 4 earned runs in a loss. At this point, the Cubs would not be able to afford a loss and talks of the billy goat curse would inevitably begin once again. That curse has haunted Chicago for more than 100 years and has hung over the city like a dark cloud for at least that much time.

The Cubs are hoping that the version of Jake Arrieta that showed up against the Giants will take the mound on Wednesday night and deliver a performance that will put Chicago in prime position for victory.

In that game, Arrieta actually hit a three run homer and was solid in his pitching efforts before Aroldis Chapman came in and blew the save.


The Cubs are too good to lose two baseball games in a row and Jake Arrieta will be looking to prove the doubters wrong in game 2. The Cubs will come away with a 3-1 victory in a low scoring thriller that will keep everyone entertained.

The game starts at 7:08 E.T. and will likely be the most watched show on television this evening. Watch this World Series if you want to see an amazing battle between two teams that will be fighting hard to bring a championship to their city.

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