Wednesday night was night one in the 2016/17 NHL season. One team that wasnot in action was Buffalo. However, the Sabres are the team with some of the biggest injury news so far this season. Their Jack Eichel will reportedly be out for weeks.Eichel injured his left ankle in a Buffalo Sabres' practice on Wednesday, news that put Buffalo fans on edge. The second pick in the 2015 NHL Draft had a strong opening season and he is the biggest hope for a franchise that has been futile for years.

Dan Bylsma spoke with the media

Dan Bylsma, the head coach of the Buffalo Sabres, spoke with the media on Thursday."As we put out yesterday, Jack Eichel does have a moderate high ankle sprain," he claimed.

"It's certainly more weeks than days at this point."

How many "weeks" it will be is a matter that isn't being clarified at the moment, perhaps because it's not clear to Buffalo management themselves. However"weeks" means more than one week so we can assume a minimum two weeks based on Bylsma's comment. Accordingly,Eichel will miss at least the following games for Buffalo.

  • Tonight's game (October 13) versus the Montreal Canadiens
  • Sunday's game (October 16) at the Edmonton Oilers
  • Tuesday's game (October 18th) at the Calgary Flames
  • Next Thursday's game (October 20th) at the Vancouver Canucks
  • The following Tuesday's game (October 25th) at the Philadelphia Flyers

Missed games through Canada hurtful

As evident above, the Sabres' upcoming schedule will take them on a road trip through Alberta and British Columbia.

Eichel missing from those games promises to be a huge disappointment for fans that surely would have been looking forward to some next-generation match-ups.

Edmonton feature their talented teenager in Connor McDavid, a player who was very effective in Edmonton's opening-night win. Meanwhile the Calgary Flames have Sam Bennett, a player that is just 20 years old and in his third season.

A couple showdowns between young NHL stars would have been a hockey spectacle.

The Sabres are already betting longshots for success this season. For instance they are 66/1 with Ladbrokes sportsbook to win the Stanley Cup. Missing their best player for "weeks" certainly won't help their chances.

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