The 2016-17 NBA season begins a week from Wednesday - October 26th, to be exact. With Opening Night comes high hopes for 30 teams looking to do better. No team has higher hopes than the team representing the Cradle of Liberty - the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers won all of 10 games last season, 1 more thantheir personal worst of 9 wins from the 1972-73 season. They've turned tanking into a tradition. This year, with the additions of 3 proven veterans and highly touted prospect Ben Simmons, the Sixers just might be worth a watch this season! Question watchable is this team?

Here are 3 reasons to watch the Sixers this season:

1. 5 Lottery Picks

You heard right - 5, count 'em, 5 lottery picks are joining the likes of off-season additions Gerald Henderson (from Portland), Jerryd Bayless (Milwaukee) and Sergio Rodriguez (Real Madrid of the Euro League) on a team on the edge of finding their place in a league already stacked with talent. That's the good news. Bad news - the one bright spot from last season's 76ersteam, Ish Smith - is gone. He signed a 3 year, $18 million deal with Detroit in the off-season. Without Smith's scoring punch (16 PPG last season), someone else will have to take the brunt of the scoring load for Philadelphia going forward.

2. Embiid! Embiid!

Who's 7 feet high and rising?

Answer: Joel Embiid! Since Embiid was drafted in June of 2014, about 250 players (maybe more) have suited up for the 76ers. The 7 foot tall, 250 pound center has waited 26 months for this moment and now it's here. Joel Embiid is here in the NBA! It may take him some time to get adjusted to the NBA game style, but once he makes the adjustment, he could be a total game-changer in Philadelphia this season.

3. Logjam in the front-court

There are 4 big men - Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel and Richaun Holmes - on the Sixers roster to start the upcoming season. Something must be done about the logjam and that means someone among the quartet must go. But who? That's the question that General Manager Bryan Colangelo has to answer and soon!

Brett Brown is a good coach, no doubt. But how he handles this quartet of big men while trying to develop his players will be something to watch over the course of the season.

Projected Starting Lineup:

PG - Jerryd Bayless

SG - Gerald Henderson

PF - Robert Covington

SF - Dario Saric (Will likely be moved to PF once Simmons returns from injury)

C - Jahlil Okafor

Best Case Scenario: Simmons returns from injury early and lives up to the hype, sparking a run at the final playoff spot in the East - but the Sixers fall just short.

Projected W-L for this scenario: 41-41

Projected Finish: 3rd in Atlantic Division

Worst Case Scenario: Simmons doesn't return until the middle of January and by then it'll be too little, too late to save the season in Philadelphia.

Sixers improve but end up a lottery team again.

Projected W-L for this scenario: 29-53

Projected Finish: Last in Atlantic Division

Exactly how good are the 76ers? Good things come to those who wait. So Philly fans should have to wait for just 1 or 2 more years until their teamis elite again. Until then, please be patient and as your former GM Sam Hinkie was so prone to saying - Trust The Process.

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