The last time Everett Schlegel saw his beloved Chicago Cubs play in the World Series, the year was 1945, and he was a young man returned from service in World War II, according to the Chicago Tribune. He recalls standing in line, still in uniform, when a police officer took him to the front at the box office. The clerk gave him four tickets and refused his offer to pay for them. His service had gotten him into games six and seven of the 1945 World Series when the Cubs did battle with the Detroit Tigers. The Cubs lost that year four games to three.

Cubs fans like Schlegel have always had a particular relationship with their hometown team, which has not won a World Series since 1908.

The team has not been in the climactic contest of professional baseball since the end of World War II. By some miracle Schlegel, who is now 97, lived long enough to attend his second Cubs World Series and have a second chance to cheer his favorite team on to victory.

Currently, Schlegel lives with his daughter in the town of Elgin. Unfortunately, the price of a ticket to the current World Series is well outside the reach of the man who must be the oldest living Cubs fan. Tickets were being listed in the thousands of dollars for the first home game. So Schlegel’s granddaughter Helen set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to send her war veteran granddad to the first Cubs World Series in almost three-quarters of a century.

Since Marcus Lemonis donated the price of the tickets, Schlegel will attend game three of the series when the Cubs face the Cleveland Indians

Schlegel had been stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked, dragging the United States into World War II and the status of a world power. But possibly the most memorable day of his life, which has been long and, except serving in a war, ordinary will be when he attends Game Three of the 2016 World Series.

What does he think of the Cubs’ chances? He thinks they will win in seven games. Or maybe fewer. But then Cubs fans have always been eternal optimists.

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