Last week's article on trade targets has a value that has not yet been determined. Allen Robinson scored seven fantasy points and Brandon Marshall also had a weak game. Gio Bernard played a solid fantasy game, but Greg Olsen struggled in a blowout. But if you had listened to earlier trade advice articles, you'd have players like Amari Cooper, Matt Forte, and Derek Carr on your team. Which players should fantasy owners be looking to trade for in week 9?

1. Devontae Booker.

Nobody is really sure how valuable Booker is yet, but I'm betting that he'll be a top ten fantasy running back by the end of the season.

Booker scored twelve fantasy points, but struggled to gain much yardage on the ground. He fortunately managed to add some value in the passing game to help boost his totals. That versatility makes it worth trading for a back who will clearly have a big role in a run first offense moving forward.

2. Kelvin Benjamin.

The Panthers wide receiver caught just two passes against the Cardinals in week 9, but his production was a product of game flow in a blowout. Benjamin has a favorable fantasy playoff schedule and will get to play against weak secondaries in the Redskins and Falcons. Try to take advantage of Benjamin's reduced production by trading for him in week 9.

3. Antonio Brown.

People who are too impatient to wait for the return of Ben Roethlisberger will be itching to trade Antonio Brown away.

He did have 100 receiving yards in his last game, but his potential is clearly limited by Landry Jones. Take advantage of frustrated fantasy owners by trading for him in week 9 and reap the future rewards in the fantasy playoffs.

4. Theo Riddick.

Normally I'm a bigger fan of buying low on players, but trading for Riddick is worth it at this point.

He scored 18 fantasy points in week 9 and contributed heavily in both the passing and running game, even though the Detroit Lions scored just 13 points against the Houston Texans. His price tag won't be cheap, but Riddick's versatility makes him worth trading for in week 9.

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