If you listened to my trade advice last week, congratulations. Jordan Howard, Derek Carr, and Amari Cooper all had huge weeks and proved that they are capable of being weekly fantasy stars. But now their raised market value will prevent fantasy owners from making any reasonable trades. But there are another four players that fantasy owners should be looking to target in week 6.

1. Doug Baldwin.

I suggested Baldwin as a potential trade target last week and am still high on him. The Seahawks number one wide receiver has had two big weeks and two poor weeks, a sign of inconsistency. But wise fantasy owners shouldn't panic.

Russell Wilson had the bye week to get healthy and will be ready to connect with Baldwin on a weekly basis for the rest of the year. Get him now while other fantasy owners in your league are still willing to part with him.

2. DeAndre Hopkins.

Fantasy owners who selected Hopkins in the first round have been disappointed with a player who has topped 100 receiving yards just once this season. Hopkins also had a week where he scored zero fantasy points and was only able to salvage his fantasy value in week 5 with a late touchdown. Is it time to bail? Hopkins has actually played three of the best pass defenses in the league in the Patriots, Vikings, and Titans in the last three weeks. Impatient fantasy owners might be looking to trade him now, but the smarter move would actually be to trade for Hopkins before he turns in a huge fantasy performance against the Colts in week 6.

3. Lamar Miller.

Those who drafted Miller in the first round can't be happy with the production they are getting from a first round draft pick. Miller has just 40 fantasy points in five weeks and hasn't scored a single rushing touchdown yet. That kind of production will frustrate fantasy owners who are looking to trade Miller for someone more valuable.

That's a mistake. The Texans give Miller more than 20 carries a game when they are winning and his role on the team makes his a breakout candidate for the second half of the year. Try to take advantage by trading a player like Mark Ingram for Miller and reap the rewards later in the season.

4. Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks quarterback has not been good this season. He's averaging less than 15 fantasy points per game and has thrown just five touchdowns all season. Part of those struggles can be attributed to an injury that Wilson has struggled through in the first few weeks of the year. But Wilson has had a bye to rest and will now regain the form that made him an elite fantasy quarterback last season. Try to trade a player like Derek Carr for him in week 6 while you still have a chance to.

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