Last week we took a look at several trade targets and also a look at who could be traded to acquire those targets. Those who listened would have traded for both Terrance West and Lamar Miller, who each scored more than 20 fantasy points in week 6. The players to tradeaway? Derek Carr, Isaiah Crowell, and Martellus Bennett, who all turned in weak performances in week 6. Which four fantasy players should owners be looking to trade away this week?

1. LeSean McCoy.

The Buffalo Bills offense ran through McCoy in week 6 and LeSean scored a whopping 32 fantasy points. That performance came against a very weak 49ers run defense that has allowed almost every single running back to accumulate more than 100 yards rushing.

Owners were reminded of McCoy's fragile nature when he went very nearly went down with a serious injury before the end of the first half. That risk of injury makes it worth trading one of the best fantasy running backsfor a player whose market value is unreasonably low right now.

2. Jay Ajayi.

There is actually zero chance that Ajayi produces another 200 yard rushing performance this season. Those fantasy owners who actually held onto him can now reap the rewards of a singular amazing performance. Ajayi might have given the Dolphins more clarity at the running back position, but it could also still be just as confusing when Foster returns from injury. It also doesn't help that Damien Williams is vulturing touchdowns from the young back.

Try to trade Ajayi to another fantasy owner who is desperate for a running back right now.

3. Drew Brees.

There is no quarterback in the league whose play fluctuates as much between home and away games as Drew Brees. He's averaged 29 fantasy points in three home games and just 13 fantasy points in two road games.

Brees will play the Chiefs on the road in week 7 and will likely again be closer to the 13 fantasy points he averages in road games. That inconsistency makes a trade for another quarterback or fantasy player worth it in week 7.

4. Golden Tate.

Was this an aberration or can we expect to see this kind of production for the rest of the season?

Golden Tate had just 14 fantasy points in five weeks prior to his week 6 explosion for 22 fantasy points against the Rams. Fantasy owners should be striving for consistency and shouldn't be fooled by one excellent performance from the Lions receiver. Trade him to an owner who believes in Tate's talent level before he regresses to his week 1-5 production.

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