Last week I suggested trading several players whose long term value is somewhat in doubt. Matt Ryan proved that he is not capable of keeping up the same pace after a poor fantasy game against the Broncos and Amari Cooper took his number one wide receiver role back from Michael Crabtree. In week 6, fantasy owners should look to trade away these four fantasy players while their value is sky high.

1. Derek Carr.

I'm not sure that there is another person out there who loves Carr as much as me. I suggested trading for him last week and love his value as a quarterback, but believe that he could be traded for a bigger prize like Russell Wilson at this point.

Carr's production has been artificially enhanced by the poor defenses of the Saints and Chargers and by a running game that has been virtually nonexistent. The game situations have required a passing game, something that would need to continue for Carr to keep up his current level of production. Carr's been great so far, but he will not end the year as a top five fantasy quarterback and should be traded for one who actually could be in that tier by the end of the season.

2. Isaiah Crowell.

Crowell scored just three fantasy points in week 5 against the Patriots. The Browns running back will have a hard time finding running lanes for the rest of the season after another quarterback injury in Cleveland, which means that it is time to trade Crowell before his value completely evaporates after week 6.

3. Martellus Bennett.

Should I really trade a player who just scored three touchdowns in one week? Bennett destroyed the Browns in week 6 and scored 24 fantasy points. But that doesn't mean Bennett will have that much value moving forward. Rob Gronkowski is getting healthier and will remain Tom Brady's favorite target.

Fantasy owners should try and trade Bennett before his inevitable regression in the next few weeks.

4. Vikings D/ST.

This fantasy defense is insanely good. The Vikings have scored double digit fantasy points in every week but one and have averaged more than fifteen fantasy points per game. That places this defense not just at the top of fantasy defenses, but also toward the top of all weekly fantasy players.

That makes this defense an intriguing trade option for fantasy owners looking for a decent running back or wide receiver. If you own the Vikings, try to take advantage of the situation with a trade.

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