Throughout the course of Floyd Mayweather’s career he has become notorious for his evasive, tongue in cheek,boxingmaneuvers. He has been criticized for his “dancing” around the ring, yet nobody can question his ability to dismantle all of his opponents with extreme precision. For years, he was called a coward for not fighting his, so called peer, Manny Pacquiao; though, once the fight began, fans agreed thatPacquiao’s embarrassing footwork proved not to be a challenge for Mayweather’s technical skills in the square circle.Whether it be his amazing speed and power inside the ring or his ability to destroy an opponent’s confidence with a few wisely chosen words.

Explaining an evasive defense.

Mayweather prides himself in his ability to maintain the same energy and speed on the fact that he is one of the least hitfightersthat ever played the game. To say that he runs away from his opponents would be a misnomer. Subsequently, one of the criteria for when a judge scores a fight is“Ring Generalship;in other words, the ability for a fighter to dictate the pace and trajectory of a given fight. With that in mind, Mayweather’s slow and deliberate movements in the ring can only be a clear example of ring generalship, Though fans and critics of his fights might demand more action from Mayweather, it’s clear that his evasive techniques are responsible for the longevity of his 18 year career.

Athletics in entertainment.

While Mayweather may be argued to be one of the more “boring” fighters in the ring, it cannot be denied that hispromotionand entertainment skill outside of the ring is anything short of spectacular. Generating record sales in his fight with Pacquiao, resulting in almost 300 million dollars in his own pocket.

Trash talking, speaking with announcers‘during the fight’and creating the most grand entrances are just a few tactics he uses to sell his fights at the level he does so well. Needless to say, Mayweather’s intricate showmanship outsideof the ring is indicative of his ability to dismantle his opponent inside of the ring.

Statistics never lie.

Say what you will about Mayweather, but statistics rarely lie. 49-0 with 26 via knockout, 23 via decision; needless to say, that he has fought every person requested of him. Yes, he did choose the timing in which he fought his opponents. Nevertheless, he fought them and defeated them with relative ease. It’s time to give credit wherecreditis due. Mayweather has taken the least ‘punishment’ in thesports,he’s undefeated, fought an abundance of champions, yet is rarely considered thegreatest of all time(GOAT). When one thinks of the GOAT they imagine an image of Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard, rarely is Mayweather a credible argument.

Mayweather, the GOAT

Nobody wants to believe thatathleticismhas progressed, athleteshave become more advanced, theirtraining techniqueshave become more scientific and their ‘motivation’(money, money money…) has expanded beyond recognition.

It will be interesting to see how history records Mayweather’s journey; will it be through the eyes or the critic, or the wide eyes of those who were amazed by Mayweather’s masterpieces inside the ring.

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