The fantasy Football season is almost halfway done, but that doesn't mean that the number of decisions facing fantasy owners has gone down. One of those decisions involves picking up players on the fantasy waiver wire. To do this, fantasy owners have to drop one of their players and are faced with a decision for who they should drop. Here are five fantasy players that can be dropped in all leagues after week 6.

1. Jeremy Langford.

The former Bears starting running back was injured earlier in the year and has now lost to job to incumbent rookie Jordan Howard. Howard has been a more effective runner in his time as a starter and has also averaged more than 10 fantasy points per game in his time as a starter.

That makes Langford worthless, even when he does get healthy. Drop him now and seek a better player on the waiver wire.

2. Blake Bortles.

What happened? Bortles went from being one of the top fantasy quarterbacks last season to being one of the weakest this season. The Jaguars quarterback scored just 10 fantasy points against the Bears in week 6 and is averaging only 15.4 fantasy points per game. At this point, fantasy owners should seek help in the form of other quarterbacks available on the waiver wire.

3. Jeremy Kerley.

Kerley was a legitimate waiver wire target last week before Kaepernick was named the starter. Kerley had scored thirty combined points in the two weeks prior to the week 6 game against the Buffalo Bills.

With Kaepernick as a starter, Kerley managed to catch just two passes and score just one fantasy point. At this point, Kerley's value is too low for any fantasy owner to consider keeping him on the roster.

4. Julius Thomas.

The Jaguars tight end has had a diminished role in the offense this season and only managed to score two fantasy points against the Bears.

He started the season well by scoring a touchdown, but hasn't reached the end zone a single time since week 1. His injury was a big part of that, but his role in the Jaguars offense as a secondary target means that there are better options out there.

5. Chris Boswell.

Mike Tomlin has decided that kicking extra points isn't in his playbook, making a player like Boswell expendable.

Roethlisberger's injury also won't help the fantasy value of a kicker who relies on the Steelers high-flying offense to score fantasy points. Boswell should be dropped in all fantasy leagues before week 7 and replaced with a better kicker.

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