Last week we did some analysis on "Thursday Night Football" and looked at a couple fantasy Football trade targets. Another compiled list that included DeAndre Hopkins also looked at players who belonged on the bench for week 7. This week will take a look at another five fantasy players who shouldn't be in any starting lineups for week 8.

1. Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown was the consensus number one overall pick in fantasy football this year and he has played decently this season. Last week Brown compiled more than 100 receiving yards against the Patriots and scored eleven fantasy points. Unfortunately for fantasy owners, Brown is on bye this week, which means he shouldn't be played in any leagues in week 8.

2. Tim Tebow.

Will somebody please tell grandpa that Tim Tebow doesn't play in the NFL anymore? He might have talked about his NFL experience at church last week, but that doesn't mean he still plays for any team. Even if he were playing the Browns in week 8, Tebow would probably throw four interceptions and score -3 fantasy points, but somehow win the game on a lucky touchdown in the fourth quarter.

3. Arian Foster.

Didn't you hear the news? Foster actually retired in week 7 after another injury derailed any further career advancement that wouldhave been possible. The news would have been irrelevant for week 8 anyway, because the Dolphins are actually on bye.

4. Cleveland's Starting Quarterback.

Why would you ever play this guy? He's just going to get injured and Cleveland will throw some random guy you've never heard ofbefore to get all the fantasy points. Josh McCown might be back from injury for week 8, but that doesn't mean Cleveland's bad luck with quarterbackswon't continue at home against the Jets.

5. Randy Moss.

Moss still thinks that he could catch between nine and twelve touchdown passes, but no NFL team agrees with the 40 year old. Keep him on your bench for his potential, but don't expect to get a ton of production out of Randy Moss in week 8 of the fantasy football season.

Disclaimer: This is obviously satire and should not be taken as serious advice.

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