'Mad Mike' Whiddett, extreme Kiwi drifter has added the terrifically winding Franschhoek Pass in South Africa to his list of crazy driving stunts. His Conquer the Cape exploits released 10 October show the extreme thrill that drifting dangerously offers motorsport lovers. The jaw-dropping and heart-stopping skills see Mad Mike burning rubber inches away from flimsy railings and in one corner his tyres catch at the roadside dirt for a second, but he holds his Mazda RX8 BADBUL and slides into the bend like.

...well - something awesome; melting butter in the mouth, cream on a baby's bum - it matters not what simile you apply, the bottom line is this crazy Kiwi is a delight to watch.

Extreme drifter teasers

Redbull South Africa carries the vids and clips of the incredible drive. Teasers had motorsport lovers eagerly awaiting the world record drifter's efforts to conquer yet another extreme driving event.

The latest Youtube video illustrates the incredible skill of the man who has been driving anything on wheels since the age of six in his native New Zealand, which was probably designed with high passes, icy roads, narrow shoulders and dodgy cambers especially for him.

Reactions were radical as he hit 248 km in places. 

Growing up with a grip on the wheel

'Mad Mike' Whiddett's Website says that he grew up with a grip on the wheel and he fell in love with all things "extreme and fast" when he got his first three-wheeler bike as a toddler.

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He started racing bikes in motocross when he was six years old. He later competed as a pro in Freestyle Motocross before switching to his 'drifting' career in 2007.

The paradox of a crazy man and signwriting

His fantastic driving skills have earned him sponsorship from big-name brands like "Red Bull, Mazda, Mobil1, Nitto, Rotiform, Holinger, KW suspension, Turbo by Garrett," and heaps of others. His amazing driving skills have seen him feature in about seventeen countries across the world.

And when he is not putting his life on the line and thrilling fans, this paradoxic miracle-man is busy running a sign writing & graphic design company. You could try the sign writing at home, but wanna-bees, don't try his driving stunts at home, especially if you live near a frozen lake, Mount Everest or Franschhoek in the Cape.

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