Finding the worst statistical element of every AFC team isn’t too hard. Still, some are surprising.


Of course, the Patriots (3-1) will be another team on offense once Tom Brady is back behind center, and will probably help them improve on their AFC-worst 12 fumbles (three by his replacements Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett). But will he help the defense, which has allowed opponents to make a ridiculous 46.2 percent third-down conversion rate?

Get it together, Tyrod. The Bills (2-2) are at the bottom for completing passes of over 20 yards with eight and at getting first downs on just 29.1 percent of pass attempts.

Everyone knows about the Jets’ (1-3) woes at quarterback with an AFC-leading 10 picks. But do they know about the horrific pass defense that has allowed opponents seven plays of over 40 yards and a 116.5 passer rating?

The Dolphins’ (1-3) inability to convert third downs on offense (26.7 percent) has forced their defense to be on the field for 36:39 per game. That’s not gonna make quarterback Ryan Tannehill any friends or win many games.


The Steelers (3-1) can run with anyone on offense, but can’t scare anyone on defense with just five sacks.

The Ravens (3-1) have a few problems, but averaging just 6.3 yards per pass attempt is simply atrocious.

Troubles with the Bengals’ (2-2) offense are not nearly as damaging as the fact that they have allowed 10 receiving touchdowns.

Let’s not pick on the young, rebuilding Browns (0-4) who are scrape the bottom in lots of categories, but should they really be averaging just 3.1 yards per rushing attempt?


Even without star defensive lineman J.J. Watt, the Texans’ (3-1) defense keeps them competitive. It will have to be cause the team has scored just six touchdowns — five in the air, one on a return and none on the ground.

Much of the blame for the disappointing Jaguars (1-3) has been aimed at quarterback Blake Bortles, but getting 392 yards of penalties on offense can’t be all his fault.

You can find the Titans (1-3) at the bottom of many team stats (especially those related to youth and a lack of depth, like kick coverage), but it’s more telling that they have yet to force a fumble on defense.

It’s a cliché that the Colts (1-3) can’t protect quarterback Andrew Luck; but it’s also true — he’s been sack 15 times, worst in the league. You might not want to ask halfback Frank Gore what he thinks of his linemen, either.


Remember when we worried about the Broncos’ (4-0) quarterback position? Well, the worst thing to come out of Denver this year is an astounding 349 yards in penalties on defense. Still, any team would take their defense in a heartbeat.

The surging Raiders (3-1) have a few youth- and depth-related problems, but nothing worse than their poor 17.6 yard average on kick returns.

Most of the Chiefs’ (2-2) problems stem from their passing game. Not only has quarterback Alex Smith been sacked 13 times, but he’s completed just nine passes of 20 or more yards.

In what looks like the start of a lost season for the Chargers (1-3), nothing stands out worse than their six lost fumbles by six different players.

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