The Buffalo Bills are in serious need of offensive help right now. Top wide receivers Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods missed the Miami game with injuries, and Marquise Goodwin also got injured in the loss. To help address the problems at wide receiver, the Bills signed wide receiver Ed Eagan with the hope that he would make an impact in Sunday's game against the Patriots. Because Eagan was released just three days after he was signed, it doesn't look like the wide receiverwill be making that impact.

A Hilarious Video Encapsulates Ed Eagan's Time in Buffalo.

Bills fans can look back fondly on those three days of practice Eagan contributed to the Buffalo roster.

And those contributions were summarized and praised in a Twitter video posted by Joe Buscaglia earlier.

It's hard not to break out into laughter after watching that golden video. The music is the perfect accompaniment for Ed Eagan's short career with the Buffalo Bills. But you still have to feel a little bit bad for the guy. Eagan was about to get his first chance in the NFL and would have certainly had an opportunity to contribute thanks to all the injuries the Bills have suffered at the wide receiver position. So why did the Bills release him in the first place?

Why would the Bills Release Eagan So Quickly?

The speculation about Eagan's release has been rampant. Could this mean that Robert Woods is feeling good for Sunday? Does Rex Ryan have another receiver in mind? Or is a Buffalo Bills trade in the works? Joe Buscaglia had a few theories of his own.

The one thing that isn't noted here is that Ed Eagan has opened up a roster spot that could be used for any position.

But it's hard to see where the Bills need a player more than the wide receiver position. If the Bills are adding an entirely new player, they better do it fast so that the player can be quickly integrated into the offense.

The Bills will need all the help they can get against the Patriots in week 8 with LeSean McCoy listed as doubtful.

Hopefully the Bills will get a better replacement for Ed Eagan that will help them take down the AFC behemoth on Sunday.

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