Porn star Jessica Drake is the newest woman to claim that Donald Trump actedinappropriately toward her in allegations stemming from 2006. Drake claimed in a broadly-covered interview with various media sources, including CNN, that she and two friends spent time with Mr. Trump while "he was wearing pyjamas" in his hotel room. The adult film star recently stated that Trump "grabbed each of us tightly, in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission." It will be interesting to see if the other women come forward in support of Drake or if they will make allegations of their own.

Denial of allegations

Trump and/or his team has denied the allegations which, according to my web research, maystemfrom time he spent at the 2006 American Century Championship in Stateline, Nevada. That was a celebrity/charity golf tournament that was held ten years ago, that featured Donald Trump as one of many entrants, and that was set in Lake Tahoe. Drake claims that she denied an alleged offer of $10,000 from Trump which, if true, would mean that Trump's game was off in more ways than one.

On the course Trump finished 62nd out of the 80 celebrities with 268 total golf strokes (emphasis deliberate - think about it). He managed to beat Cheech Marin, Charles Barkley, and Chris Webber in the tournament, one that was won by Jack Wagner.

Thetournament, which featured another high-ranking Republican in former Vice President Dan Quayle, was played in the first half of July of 2006.

The Jessica Drake video

Drake wasn't in the news much at the time that I could find, however I did find a work-safe Jessica Drake videoon Youtube from July 2006.

It's footage that I would rate as PG for adult-oriented topics including discussions of sex, but there is no nudity. Furthermore, I make absolutely no claim as to the quality of the audio in the Youtube-posted interview of Drake by a company called Intimate DVD. However, the footage will give readers an idea of what Drake looked like back in 2006 (2nd warning: terrible audio).

She said in her recent statements that in July of 2006 she worked for Wicked Pictures. That is the name of a company that has a graphic inserted in the top right of the footage. Furthermore, in declining Trump she said she claimed to be heading to Los Angeles. The Youtube Video has the following caption:

"Uploaded on Jul 23, 2006

Intimate DVD caught up with Wicked Adult star Jessica Drake in Los Angeles for the second time this year!"

The allegations come at time when Donald Trump's chances of winning the election are seen as fading.How these specific allegations play out isn't clear. However, the steady dose of allegations may be ensuring that Trump is seen as an individual who does not have much respect for women.

That can only serve to hurt his election chances.

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