The political landscape and our nation was rocked last week by the Trump Tapes scandal. As you already know, Donald Trump got caught demeaning women on a bus with NBC personality Billy Bush. Many pundits have called for Trump to drop out of the Presidential race because of these outlandish insensitive remarks. To no one's surprise, the Trump campaign went on crisis control, spinning the story to create the narrative that Trump was just using "locker room" talk. Herein lies the issue, many athletes took offense to Trump's claim of "locker room" talk due to its inaccuracy.

LeBron James takes issue with Trump

This should come as no surprise. Earlier this week LeBron James publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton stating that he supports Hillary "because she will build on the legacy of my good friend, President Barack Obama." When asked about Trump's "locker room" comment James properly labeled it as "trash talk" instead. Arguably the biggest sports icon in America, James' comments reverberated throughout not only the sports world, but the entire nation. Trump is making an enormous amount of enemies at a time that he should be focused on doing the exact opposite.

Other athletes weigh in on Trump

LeBron James wasn't the only athlete to give Donald Trump a piece of their mind.

The list is growing each day with interviews, tweets and comments from athletes who wholeheartedly disagree with Trump's notion that his remarks represented "locker room" talk. Jacob Tamme, starting tight end on the Atlanta Falcons offered his view by pleading "please stop saying locker room talk, it's not normal and even if it were normal, it's not right." CJ McCollum, a guard on the Portland Trailblazers articulated that he hasn't "heard that one in locker rooms." Those are only the opinions of a couple athletes, most athletes share the same sentiment as the rest.

Where does Trump go from here?

This is Donald Trump's worst nightmare.

A month away from Election Day and Trump Tapes looks like it will bury any chance Trump had to win this election. Pubic support is dwindling by the day with no end in sight. You have to wonder, is this the end of the saga? It sure isn't, considering the recent report that women have been coming forward within the past couple days claiming that Trump touched them in inappropriate ways. The perpetual landslide will undoubtedly impact the election in the next month, as Hillary Clinton quietly stands put as Trump swiftly self-sabotages. This next month should produce some interesting revelations.

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