Is Donald Trump trying to alienate himself from absolutely everyone but his fans? With election day that much closer, the GOP nominee has seemingly gone into full-fledged Andrew Dice Clay stand-up comedy mode, trading in policy talks for insults. Now the ever popular National Football League is taking a hit and being accused of going soft on players with concussions. On Wednesday, during an outdoor rally in Lakeland, Florida, Trump mocked, “Concussion, oh! Got a little ding on the head. You can't play the rest of the season.” He summed up his attack by comparing the toughness of a woman in the crowd who fainted in the tarmac heat and later returned to the event after receiving medical treatment.

Is this revenge for the NFL not backing up his fib about receiving a letter complaining about the debate schedules coinciding with their games? Who knows? No one is safe these days, especially since Trump took the shackles off.

The sports world speaks out

Trump’s playing down of a serious injury did not sit well with a few NFL players, who by the way, are also registered voters. Giant’s tight end Larry Donnell, who suffered a concussion nearly two weeks ago, told the Daily News that Trump would not be on a microphone talking if he was the recipient of an extreme hit to the head. Donnell went on to say that they, the players, go out and risk their lives and for Trump to say foolishness like that is not right.

He added it was sickening. Boomer and Carton radio personality Jerry Recco called Trump “stupid” for his remarks.

Repeated blows to the skull can result in encephalopathy, not a ding on the head

Several months ago, MRI scans of 40 NFL players showed that 30 percent of them displayed signs of nerve cell damage.

Football is a rough sport and there is a markedly high rate of brain trauma among its players. Those suffering from encephalopathy, frequently show signs of depression and memory loss. More than one NFL player suffering from the illness has committed suicide over the years. Like veterans who return home struggling with PTSD, anyone living with a brain injury has a very serious medical condition that should not be taken lightly or be dismissed as a simple “ding on the head.” Recovering from a fainting spell is not the same thing as dealing with encephalopathy nor does it have anything to do with toughness.

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