For the second straight week, the Detroit Lions take down yet another formidable opponent with a once better than.500 record. With a defense that has been injury plagued early this season, and an offensive backfield that has three of its top running backs sidelined, the Lions have had to rely heavily on the arm of QB Matthew Stafford. Not only is he completely passes most quarterbacks can't, but he has posted his best completion percentage,68.9%.

Matthew Stafford

This is a result of no longer being able to rely heavily on Calvin Johnson. Stafford has been forced to adapt be spreading the ball around and using his legs to gain the necessary yardage.

Peter Schrager, a senior writer for the NFL Network, has gone on record calling Matthew Stafford, "one of the best quarterbacks, if not the best quarterback in the league." This is huge in a league where Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees exist.

He is also playing behind the youngest offensive line in the league with two rookies, and the rest being second and third year players. Stafford, is hands down the most underrated and underappreciated quarterback in the league. Stafford is literally carrying the Lions offense to victories time and time again.

The defense

BUT, for the Lions to be considered a contender for the postseason they have to win these next three games. And they call come against teams with well over .500 records.

Not to mention that one of those teams is the undefeated (for the time being) Minnesota Vikings. They've also taken down the once undefeated Eagles, so beating these teamsaren't far fetched.

The defense also has to tighten up. Their inability to get consistent pressure on the opposing quarterback has been the problem with the Lions giving up an average of 271.3 yards per game this season.

Given that the defense has been riddled with injury, the re-addition of DE Ziggy Ansah should help the pass rush game a little bit. However, the Lions are still thin at linebacker and the chances of DeAndre Levy making his return seem unrealistic at this point.

In the long run, the Lions have a real shot to become relevant in the league.

So don't sleep on them, you've seen what can happen when you do.

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