It was almost a year ago when the Toronto Blue Jays lost game six of the 2015 ALCS after a series of poor calls. Firstly, there was the Kansas City 'home run' that should have been a ground-rule double. Later on in the ninth inning KC were allowed to commit balk after balk with the tying run at third. Lastly, the strike zone in the top of the of ninth was so large that Toronto hitters had to swing at everything, something that didn't work too well.

Don Cherry, the long-time sports commentator with the CBC, offered his two bits on the KC series last year at his verified Twitter account. In a series of tweets he wrote: "Why are Canadians so gutless to say it like it is...a Canadian team in the World Series would be a TV disaster in the States.

Blue Jays you can't beat Kansas City and the umpires too."

Now the Jays are back in the ALCS following a strong run to open October. However, in two games from Cleveland the Jays can't get a call in their favor.

They are starting to look like whiners, but really they have every right to be angry.

In game one several strike-zone calls went against the Blue Jays' hitters and it didn't go unnoticed north of the border. The Score tweeted about the strike zone on Friday night, noting that several Blue Jays' hitters had problems: "No one frustrated the Blue Jays more than umpire Laz Diaz and his strike zone last night."

Game two was more of the same as Edwin Encarnacion, to lead off the ninth, drew a walkthat got called strike threeinstead.

What resulted was a huge swing in the inning where the Jays had nobody on and one out instead of a runner on and none out. Encarnacion, who looked ready to argue, mainly walked away this time, perhaps realizing that there was no point.

One question is if there is a point to watching the balance of the ALCS?The Jays might have beaten the Royals last season on even terms (and they might not have) but, as Cherry noted, they couldn't beat the Royals and the umpires combined.

Same thing goes this season -- the Jays can't beat the Indians and the umpires.

I think how the balance of this series goes is that there's some fair play coming up north as the series switches to Toronto. It's not just about keeping a Canadian club out the World Series but it's about doing so in a credible manner and MLB's credibility is taking a hit right now.

However, Cleveland have been spotted a two-game lead in the series and that's huge. If the Jaysmanage to come back then I'd just be looking at the umpires to come to the rescue like they did in game six of the ALCS last season.

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